The WMS platforms are the foundations upon which great games are built. Their platforms support the latest technology – they advance the very notion of what's possible with a strategic assemblage of leading-EDGE elements. WMS has state-of-the-art operating systems with extensive capabilities. They also have unparalleled sound experience of the BOSE® audio system. WMS offers sleek, ergonomical cabinets with an array of comfort and service benefits. Welcome to future-ready platforms conceived at the apex of design and technology.

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WMS Bluebird: 71.94 inches high, 29.26 inches wide, 29.75 inches deep

**Please note the height of a cabinet can be different based on what kind of topper is on the game.

"When deciding which terminal operator we should use for our gaming business our main concerns were sales, service and support. Gold Rush has gone way beyond our expectations and we definitely made the right decision!!"-Aphrodite, Gyro's Express